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Sat, Jun 10 2017

Sat, Jun 17, 2017 at 8:00am Hero WOD - Scott Deem
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Napa on Fire

Partner WOD for Time:

250m Farmers Carry

While P1 is rowing, P2 is doing a 250m farmers carry w/ a KB in each hand. Continue switching off until the Meters has been rowed.

A: 2,000m choose KB
B: 5,000m choose KB
C: 8,000m choose KB
D: 10,000m (Dual 20 & 35# KB)

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Naomi47:55  Rx
Kevin T48:45  RX
Shelbi48:45  Rx
Margaret S49:50  RX
Jennie H49:50  RX partner of 3 D/Ab sit-up
Kelly V49:50  RX
Claire R55:47  D 15lb KBS

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