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Thu, Oct 29

Happy Birthday Kevin G & Lynsie
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Annie 2020 on Oct 2, 2020 (27 days ago)

Tabata Body

Don’t keep up with reps, score will be the Time you get on the Row or Bike.

Tabata 20 second On, 10 second Rest

Choose a weight that you can go unbroken and not rest.

4 sets of Each Movement Before moving on:
You’ll Need 2 Dumbbells

Bicep Curls
Tricep Press
Standing Flys
Bent Over Row
Lateral Raises

2min Rest

4 sets of Each Before moving on:

Weighted Side Plank /DB Lft
Weighted Side Plank /DB Rt
Side/Side Heal Touch

Rest 3 minutes

For Time:
Buy Out- 1600 m Row or 4000m Bike

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